This Section does NOT apply to Project Based Participants

Moving With Assistance

Are you planning on moving?

The following steps are required to move to a new unit with Section 8 HCV assistance:

  • 1. Submit proper notice to vacate to your Eligibility Technician at the same time you submit to the owner

    Giving notice less than 60 days prior to the vacate date may cause a delay in housing assistance

  • 2. Attend Scheduled Unit Transfer Briefing – Part I — This is a group briefing with a powerpoint presentation – which is also available in the Somali language
  • 3. Attend Unit Transfer Briefing – Part II, at which staff issues the unit transfer Voucher and Moving Paperwork
  • 4. Once you have located a unit and the property owner/manager has completely filled out the paperwork, call your Technician to schedule an appointment to return moving papers – Note: Inspections are scheduled on a 1st come, 1st served basis. May take up to 3 weeks to get an inspection scheduled
  • 5. Unit passes inspection – subsidy assistance is now able to start on the 1st or 15th.”
Where should I look for housing? We recommend searching at

Moving out of Minneapolis? .. Portability

  • If you choose to port out of Minneapolis, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted assistance. Gaps in assistance are more likely if you move to another Housing Authority’s jurisdiction.  Be prepared to pay your first month’s full rent.
  • Other housing authorities have different policies from MPHA. The other housing authority may change your voucher size, which means you may be eligible for either more or fewer bedrooms than you would be in Minneapolis.
  • Affordability will be determined by the payment standard of the housing authority you are moving to, and the unit must be affordable before paperwork can be forwarded. Please be aware that if the voucher size is changed, the unit may not be affordable once it is reviewed by the new housing authority.
  • An inspection will be done by the housing authority where your unit is located. Housing assistance payments will not be effective until the unit has passed inspection.

You will need to contact the new housing authority after MPHA has sent them the necessary paperwork.

Twin Cities Area Housing Authorities






Please follow these procedures to ensure proper notice:
• State in writing your name, address and the date you will vacate the property and have your owner sign for receipt of the notice or Download our Vacate Notice form to make sure you have all information.
• The date you leave the property must be on the last day of the month.
• This notice must be given to your landlord based on your lease requirements. Your lease will state either a 30 or 60 day written notice to vacate is required.
• The landlord must sign and date the notice to vacate, acknowledging when they received it from you.
• If your landlord has refused to sign your proper written notice, you must mail a copy of the notice via certified mail to the landlord. You will be required to submit the certified mail receipt and a copy of addressed envelope to owner to verify the attempt to notify was made.
• Next, submit the notice to your Eligibility Technician (via fax/e-mail/drop off or mail)
• After you submit proper notice, you will be scheduled with the transfer briefing appointments to complete the move process and receive your moving papers.
• If you do not attend your scheduled transfer briefing appointments, or fail to follow the moving procedures listed above, you may be subject to termination of assistance for failure to utilize the voucher.