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Property Owners

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides rental subsidies to low income families in the form of Housing Choice Vouchers and Project Based Units.  The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) administers the program in the City of Minneapolis.  MPHA pays rent subsidies directly to rental property owners on behalf of eligible individuals and families.LeaseApproved

If you own or manage private-market rental housing in the City of Minneapolis and have a current rental license, you are eligible to participate in MPHA’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program.

Section 8 HCV Benefits

The intent of the HCV Program is to lessen the burden on the family’s budget for housing costs, allowing them greater choice in selecting a rental unit.  The Section 8 HCV Programs offers financial assistance for rental housing to eligible low income individuals and families. The rental assistance provides rental opportunities to low income families by partnering with property owners of private market rental housing in the City of Minneapolis. The rental assistance provides program participants with the ability locate and rent any type of housing, in any area of the City.

Owner Portal

MPHA has moved to direct deposit payments instead of printed checks for your convenience!  The payment details will now be available to owners as downloadable PDFs on the new MPHA Owner Portal website. In addition to a history of recent HAP payments, the Owner Portal will allow property owners to access other information such as upcoming scheduled inspections and line by line inspection results.  The website address is  Owners can now see up to date payment and inspection details in one location!

Advertising your Property

MPHA is no longer maintaining a separate list of vacant properties. Please contact HousingLink to list your vacancies. Their service is free to both the property owners and housing seekers.

You can contact HousingLink at 612-520-9233 to get a Vacancy Listing Form or go to their website at under “Landlords”

Owner Workshops

           2017 Schedule

  • January 17th at 2 pm
  • March 21st at 2 pm
  • May 16th at 2 pm
  • July 18th at 2 pm
  • September 19th at 2 pm
  • November 21st at 2 pm

Owner workshops are held in the Section 8 HCV Conference Room on the 3rd Floor of MPHA’s administrative office, located at 1001 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401.

No registration is required.

Streamlined Inspection Process

In response to concerns of Minneapolis Rental Property Owners and in an ongoing effort to promote participation in the MPHA Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program, we have streamlined the process and the turn-around time to request the initial (move-in) Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection.  

Effective July 1, 2017 MPHA will no longer require an appointment for the submission of the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA).

  • Participants can now “walk in” to HCV Offices and meet with Inspection Administrative Staff to submit the completed and signed RFTA moving packet.
  • Participants or Property Owners can now submit the completed and signed RFTA Moving Packet via fax at 612-335-4427 or by email to

Upon RFTA submission, Inspection Administrative Staff will review the RFTA (moving) packet for accuracy and completeness, including checking to see if the requested address is within our jurisdiction and a current, valid rental license is verified.  The packet will be reviewed to determine whether the contract rent is within the market and meets HUD’s Rent Reasonableness criteria and that the rent is within the participant’s affordability limit.  Property Owner (vendor) and unit records are created within our system, as necessary.

MPHA is confident that the one line of contact and the elimination of scheduling appointments to return the paperwork and schedule the inspection will result in a timely more efficient process.

Minneapolis Rental Property Owners – you spoke and MPHA listened!      

Effective June 1, 2017 the rental subsidy start date can be effective the date the unit passes HQS Inspection, the participant has possession of the unit and the participant has fulfilled their previous lease agreement.


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