Lydia Apartments

Each fall, Minnesota Housing (the state housing finance agency) awards millions of dollars to create and preserve affordable housing. This year’s $87.5 million investment—a total of 1,700 units—includes several projects that utilize Minneapolis Public Housing Authority project-based vouchers (PBVs). PBVs are part of our Housing Choice Voucher program in which rental assistance is provided to specific affordable housing units (rather than directly to the tenant, like the “Section 8” vouchers most people are familiar with). This allows MPHA and its partners to create and sustain housing that would otherwise be difficult to fund. 

One of those properties is the Lydia Apartments in Minneapolis, where MPHA has provided PBVs since the building opened in 2003. Lydia serves people with mental illness, chemical dependencies, disabilities and those experiencing homelessness and provides on-site supportive services. The funding will allow for renovation of the existing 40 units and construction of 38 new units that MPHA is partnering with to provide additional PBVs. 

The 109-unit Mino-bimaadiziwin, a new development by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa, is also receiving funding for housing that will serve low-income people, including 17 homeless households and seven households with disabilities. MPHA will provide 11 PBVs to this building upon completion. 

MPHA is soliciting proposals from property owners and developers who would like to offer units with PBV rental assistance. The requirements and timetable for submission of proposals, and the proposal selection process and criteria, are described in our RFP document. Learn more and apply>>