Minneapolis City Council MOU

Unanimously passed the Minneapolis City Council on April 19, 2019

The Minneapolis City Council approved the text of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the city and MPHA. The MOU expresses our shared commitment to investing in public housing, long-term public control, and protecting the rights of every resident. The MOU closely reflects MPHA’s own board-approved “Guiding Principles” (see below) and protections built into the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program.

Minneapolis City Council Resolution

Unanimously passed the Minneapolis City Council on December 7, 2018

The resolution “establishing guiding principles in support of investments in public housing and the people who live there” was authored by Council Member Abdi Warsame (Ward 6) and Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8).

The resolution affirms the critical role public housing plays in the city’s housing landscape and notes the challenges created by decades of federal underfunding. It expresses the need for the city and MPHA to work in partnership to preserve MPHA’s 6,000 units of public housing with new funding sources and programs. And it defines the protections all public housing residents deserve during this process.

These protections embodied in the resolution include the right to return to any remodeled or redeveloped property, the right to receive written relocation plans, and the right not to experience rent increases because of redevelopment or improvements. Any preservation and development strategies will also include meaningful resident and community consultation.

Guiding Principles for Redevelopment and Capital Investments at MPHA

Approved by the MPHA Board of Commissioners on May 24, 2017

View the Guiding Principles document in various languages:

HUD RAD Notice: Resident Rights Appendix

Important resident protections such as right-of-return and right not to be re-screened are embodied in an appendix of the HUD notice that governs the RAD program. View this appendix using the button, and learn more about how RAD works (including protection against rent increases) on our RAD web page.