By the end of this month, MPHA will have replaced 636 appliances in three properties through a partnership with Franklin Energy (applying funding from Xcel Energy) to provide better reliability and comfort for residents. The more energy efficient air conditioners and refrigerators mean a chance to reinvest profits from energy conservation to achieve further efficiency improvements in multi-family buildings. 

In June, Parker Skyview highrise had 270 A/C units replaced and recently Glendale family townhomes received 41 new refrigerators and 29 new A/Cs. Horn Towers is the latest property to receive replacements with 294 A/C units to be installed by the end of next week. MPHA hopes to assess more highrises next year with Franklin Energy for the same program. 

Also contributing to the energy savings is an ongoing weatherization project blowing cellulose insulation, repairing and replacing furnaces, and upgrading ventilation at the Glendale townhomes. That work was made possible through grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and is expected to be finished before the end of the year. 

Other work at Horn Towers recently included new landscaping around the building entrances, new fencing, and new parking lot pavement.  

Great to see the benefits to residents, the environment, and MPHA through the appliance replacement program and weatherization upgrades!