In recent months, MPHA has begun talking more about the need and the possibilities for reinvesting in our public housing. We have deep needs to rehab, remodel, and redevelop our homes for public housing residents (totaling about $130 million in 2017) that far outstrip the funding we get from Congress (around $10 million a year). But there is very real hope and potential to save our housing for the future!

Regardless of the plans for any building or property, all public housing residents should know that they have rights — and they have important promises from MPHA that we intend to keep. Many of these rights are guaranteed by your lease with us, and as a participant in the federal public housing program. They do not change (even if, for example, an outside investor might offer funds to help us save our housing).

MPHA respects and will protect your rights as a resident. And MPHA is committed to protecting affordable housing for current and future low-income residents of Minneapolis. Thus, we will make sure:

  1. No resident will lose their housing – your home is safe.

  2. Your rent will not go up because of remodeling or redevelopment. Rent will continue to be set according to federal rules (currently 30% of income).

  3. MPHA will continue to manage and maintain the properties.

  4. In case of remodeling, after the work is finished, all residents will have the right to return to their property.

  5. MPHA will preserve (and, where possible, increase) our number of low-income housing units.

Download these five points (PDF) in ENGLISH, SOMALI, or OROMO.

Our only mission is to serve the housing needs of low-income people in Minneapolis. The five points above align with that mission, and you can hold us to them.

You can learn more about these rights by reading our Guiding Principles for Redevelopment and reading the Q&A to address common fears and concerns.