At today’s monthly meeting of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) Board of Commissioners, the Board voted to conditionally approve the production of a television episode pilot by HBO (currently titled “Mogadishu, Minnesota”) at the MPHA-owned and managed Cedar High Apartments. The agreement to allow filming is conditioned upon approval by the building’s resident council, and upon developing a satisfactory arrangement by which certain fees paid by HBO will benefit residents.

The five board members present for today’s meeting approved the motion unanimously, after hearing statements and asking questions of HBO, Minneapolis City Council Member Abdi Warsame, and a representative of community members opposed to the proposal.  While recognizing the potential benefits of the project, Board members also acknowledged strong differences of opinion within the local Somali community. The Board also requested the input of MPHA Executive Director Cora McCorvey. McCorvey expressed the concerns of MPHA staff with protecting the privacy, safety, and quality of life of public housing residents.  Following the Board’s approval, McCorvey stated that MPHA will work diligently to protect residents’ interests during the process. She also requested that the Minneapolis City Council and others explore ways that the financial benefits of the project could be returned to the MPHA to support our mission to provide homes for a diverse, low-income population in Minneapolis.

For more information, residents should contact their property manager.

News media, contact or 612-342-1402