UPDATE (June 2018): The first version of this announcement referenced a different initial partner to administer the program. As of June 2018, NorthPoint Health and Wellness is our partner to serve these families.

MPHA teams with Northpoint to support families facing sudden displacement

Landlord’s loss of licenses affects 57 low-income families

Families in 57 properties owned by the same Minneapolis landlord find themselves forced to move out by February 28, 2018 after the owner lost his rental licenses for repeated violations of city procedures. The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) and NorthPoint Health and Wellness have mobilized to provide services and direct financial support to help these families find new homes and maintain stability through a difficult and unwelcome transition.

MPHA will provide each family an emergency rental subsidy of up to $500 per month for up to 12 months, as long as they qualify as “low-income” under federal guidelines. NorthPoint will make these payments directly to landlords, along with screening and other administration of the program. NorthPoint will also connect families to its full range of economic and social assistance services.

“These families are facing a housing crisis they did nothing to cause,” said Kyle Hanson, MPHA’s Director of Housing Choice Vouchers. “The additional $500 a month toward rent should provide vital reassurance to both the families and prospective landlords.”

Families will also have streamlined access to social services from Hennepin County. To enable a swift move-in, the City of Minneapolis will conduct prompt inspections of prospective units. While MPHA typically conducts its own inspections, in this case MPHA will issue the rental subsidy following satisfactory inspection results from the city.

Affected families should contact NorthPoint’s Housing Services Coordinator at 612-767-9150.

MPHA Media Contact: Jeff Horwich