Anyone familiar with our funding situation knows that we have many more needed “capital” projects than we have $$$ to do them. However, we continue to steadily move ahead with remodeling as our current budget permits, prioritizing based upon critical need and the length of time buildings have been awaiting work.

In January, for example, residents have been returning to newly refurbished apartments at 2728 East Franklin (aka “The Riverside,” one of our senior-designated highrises). Building residents like Robert Ronson moved to new units with long-needed kitchen upgrades, new bathroom fixtures and tile, new lighting, and behind-the-scenes updates that will keep the units safe and comfortable. Robert, who has lived at the building since 1997, said he feels “like moving into a brand-new apartment.” The new ceiling lights are his favorite, since he spends a lot of time reading. As you see in the photos, MPHA Management Aide Tony Freeman helped Robert get moved in and set up.

Highrise projects like this proceed one vertical “stack” at a time, with residents from one stack moving into a finished stack, which opens up the previous one for work. That’s how MPHA does most major remodeling without most residents ever leaving the building.

We also just had an open house at a project soon to get underway. MPHA Planning and Development staff hosted residents and other colleagues from the agency to show off the enhancements coming to “The Snellings,” two of our smallest highrises. The remodeling over the coming months will include new flooring, sinks, refrigerators, and bathroom tile & fixtures. Visitors to the open house mentioned that the flooring, especially, made a huge difference in the feeling of comfort and quality in the apartments. Comments from residents on open houses like this lead to additional improvements MPHA will explore integrating into the final plan.