Housing Choice Voucher New Admission Briefing

Welcome to Minneapolis Public Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program! Now that you have completed the initial eligibility and intake process, you have arrived at the final step in the admission process before your voucher can be issued. On this page you will find a video titled “New Admission Briefing Video.” This video provides important information regarding the rules of the program and how to use your voucher to locate a rental unit and begin receiving rental assistance. You must watch the briefing video in it’s entirety; you will be contacted by your Eligibility Technician after they are notified that you have completed the video. Your Eligibility Technician will verify your income/voucher size, issue your voucher document, and provide you with other important documents you will need while searching for a unit and when you have located a unit to rent. You will have an opportunity to ask additional questions when your Eligibility Technician contacts you.

The New Admission Briefing is only for those that have had their name selected from the wait list and determined eligible for the program. Viewing the video does not qualify you for a voucher, if you are an applicant and want to check your status on the HCV wait list follow this link.

English Briefing

Somali Briefing