Unit Transfer Briefing

This video briefing is for Housing Choice Voucher holders that are moving to a new unit within the city limits of Minneapolis. Before you can view this video and begin the unit transfer process you must first submit a Mutual Notice to Vacate signed by both you and your landlord to your Eligibility Technician. After you have submitted your notice to vacate your Eligibility Technician will mail or email a re-certification packet and request for income verification, you must return the signed packet and income verification before your voucher and moving packet are issued to you. You can return your documents by mail, email (hcv@mplspha.org), or the drop off container located by the MPHA main office front door.

After you have completed viewing the video please follow the links at the bottom of the page to print or download documents that contain important MPHA policy information you will need to reference during the moving process. Your Eligibility Technician will email or mail your voucher, moving packet and estimated rent sheet after you have completed the video. The voucher document will need to be signed and returned to your Eligibility Technician. If you do not view the video in its entirety you will not be issued a voucher and moving packet until you do so. Assistance will not be paid if you move into your new unit without completing all steps of the unit transfer process.

English Briefing

Somali Briefing