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Executive Director/CEO Gregory P. Russ

MPHA Executive Director/CEO Greg Russ

MPHA Executive Director/CEO Greg Russ

Greg Russ became the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority’s Executive Director/CEO on February 13, 2017. He was formerly the Executive Director of the Cambridge (Massachusetts) Housing Authority. He brought more than three decades of experience to MPHA, including prior work at the Philadelphia and Chicago housing authorities and at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Among other industry leadership experience, Mr. Russ is a past president of the Public Housing Authority Directors Association and current board member of the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities.

Greg’s long tenure as a housing professional reflects his dedication and commitment to this work. He recognizes that the programs and services offered by MPHA reach the poorest and most vulnerable families in our community. He understands that housing provides a platform to invest in the families served by these programs, and believes that children and adults living in public housing or supported by a voucher should have access to opportunities that enhance economic advancement and educational success. Greg has a strong record of bringing capital investment and other resources to the public housing programs he has led.

As a national expert, Greg continues to play a leadership role in conversations about the future of public housing. He is known for his willingness to explore the latest tools for preserving and modernizing public housing, including his work as a national leader and advocate for HUD’s Moving to Work (MTW) Demonstration program. Greg continues to be involved in developing MTW standards and shaping its future direction.

Greg succeeded Cora McCorvey, who was MPHA’s Executive Director for 25 years, from its founding as an independent agency in 1991.

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