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Let MPHA help you realize your dream of homeownership.

The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) offers first time homebuyer education, training and mortgage readiness counseling to its public housing and Minneapolis Section 8 families participating in the Lease-to-Own initiative.


The Waiting List for MPHA’s Lease-to-Own program is currently OPEN.

This program is currently limited to MPHA-owned two-bedroom public housing town homes in the Heritage Park Neighborhood of North Minneapolis.

Candidates must be public housing eligible, have household income at or below 80% of AMI, and agree to actively participate in counseling services, while leasing a select two-bedroom public housing town home in Heritage Park.  Candidates must demonstrate that they can qualify for an MPHA-approved mortgage loan within three years, and purchase the town home within five years.  Rent incentives and matched savings programs may assist with down payment and closing costs when the family is able to purchase the home.  These units are new town houses, constructed in 2006.

MPHA is accepting pre-applications for this initiative on a first come, first served basis. The waiting list will close once the Townhomes are rented but may be reopened if vacancies occur.

Public Housing Income Limits

Download Lease-to-Own Brochure with Floor Plans

This pre-application process does not permit access to any other MPHA affordable housing program.

Each Pre-applicant Family must meet the Minimum Criteria to be eligible for the Lease-to-Own Program and meet all requirements for admission to MPHA’s low income public housing program. If the Pre-applicant Family does not meet the Minimum criteria, MPHA will not accept the pre-application. Also, MPHA may not accept an incomplete or unsigned pre-application..

To meet the Minimum Criteria the Pre-applicant Family must:

  • Have one to four family members for these 2-bedroom townhome units;
  • Be a first time homebuyer;
  • Have an income of $25,500/year;
  • Have reasonable credit;
  • Be currently employed and continuously employed at the firm or doing the same or similar work for the previous two year period. This requirement may be waived for an elderly or disabled applicant who has sufficient income to qualify for purchasing financing;
  • Be able to pay minimum rent and utilities in the amount of $869/month; and
  • Have the capacity to qualify for financing and to purchase the townhome within five years.

Interested in our MTW Lease-to-Own Program?

Interested and apparently eligible families must complete and submit a MTW Lease-to-Own pre-application.  Information will be verified and credit reports will be pulled to determine mortgage readiness.  Eligible applicants will be referred to MPHA’s non-profit partner for a mortgage assessment.


Click Here to Download the Full LtO Application

To request a pre-application packet by mail, call the Lease-to-Own hotline at (612) 342-1213
and leave your name, address, and telephone number. 

Or print and mail your completed pre-application to the following address:

1001 Washington Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN  55401
Attn: Marci Holley

For more information about MPHA’s Lease-to-Own Program, please contact:
(612) 342-1413

Or use our Agency Contact Form

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