MPHA High-rise Buildings

The MPHA has forty-two high-rise apartment communities with a total of 5006 studio and one bedroom apartments located in North, Northeast, South and Southeast Minneapolis and are grouped as Asset Management Projects (AMP). The buildings are non-smoking, provide a healthy environment, and range from 4 to 25 stories. Click here for more information about MPHA’s high-rise buildings.

AMP Building Address Name Units Stories
AMP 3 – North
800 5th Avenue North Art Love Manor 66 12
2415 North 3rd Street Lynway Manor 62 4
3116 North Oliver Avenue Oliver Manor 31 4
315 Lowry Avenue North Lowry Towers 193 17
600 North 18th Avenue (S) (AL) Lyndale Manor 239 5
1710 North Plymouth Avenue (S) Rainbow Terrace 84 7
1314 North 44th Avenue (S) Hamilton Manor 220 6
314 Hennepin Avenue Archie Givens Atrium 299 16
350 Van White Memorial Blvd. (S) (AL) Heritage Commons 102 4
AMP 4 – Northeast
311 NE University Avenue St. Anthony Hi-rise 49 7
710 NE 2nd Street Dickman Park Apartments 35 4
616 NE Washington Avenue Sibley Triangle Apartments 35 4
1206 NE 2nd Street Friendly Manor 57 8
809 NE Spring Street (No Name) 32 4
1900 NE 3rd Street Friendly Manor 32 4
1717 NE Washington Street (S) Holland Hi-rise 182 17
828 Spring Street NE (S) Spring Manor 189 21
1815 Central Avenue NE (S) (AL) Parker Skyview 333 25
AMP 5 – Hiawatha
2019 South 16th Avenue South Hiawatha Towers 93 12
2121 South 16th Avenue South Hiawatha Towers 94 12
1700 East 22nd Street Hiawatha Towers 94 12
2533 South 1st Avenue South (S) (AL) Signe Burckhardt Manor 42 7
1920 South 4th Avenue Franklin Towers 110 15
1707 South 3rd Avenue (HWS) Third Avenue Towers 199 22
2433 South 5th Avenue Fifth Avenue Hi-rise 127 15
2419 South 5th Avenue Fifth Avenue Hi-rise 127 15
AMP 6 – Cedars
1627 South 6th Street Cedar High Apartments 116 10
620 Cedar Avenue South Cedar High Apartments 116 10
1611 South 6th Street Cedar High Apartments 116 10
1212 South 9th Street Elliot Twins 87 12
1225 South 8th Street Elliot Twins 87 12
1515 South Park Avenue Park Center 182 19
630 South Cedar Avenue (AL) (HWS) Cedar High 191 25
AMP 7 – Horn
1415 East 22nd Street Pentagon Apartments 129 14
2728 East Franklin Avenue (S) The Riverside 151 21
3755 South Snelling Avenue Snelling Manor 28 5
3205 East 37th Street 37th Street Manor 28 5
3121 South Pillsbury Avenue Charles Horn Towers–Pillsbury 163 22
115 West 31st Street (S) Horn Terrace–31st Street 163 22
3110 South Blaisdell Avenue (S) Horn Terrace–Blaisdell 165 22
2121 Minnehaha Avenue South James R. Heltzer Manor 110 12
MPHA provides affordable housing options through its senior designated housing program. This national-award-winning program features attractive, safe rental buildings with comfortable apartments and on-site amenities and services designed for adults 50 years and older. MPHA has designated twelve high-rise buildings with 1,859 apartments for seniors, a number of these buildings also provide assisted living programs and supportive services for elderly adults.

Thomas T. Feeney Manor and Signe Burckhardt Manor, provide enhanced assisted living with a focus on memory care.

To learn more about MPHA’s senior housing and assisted living programs please click here.

  • Scattered Site Housing: The MPHA family housing program is available to adults with dependents.  There are  750 scattered site homes ranging from two to six bedrooms throughout Minneapolis.  Some units are handicapped accessible.
  • Glendale Family Housing: Located in southeast Minneapolis near the University of Minnesota it consists of 184, one, two, three and four bedroom townhome units in 28 buildings.  Some buildings have been designated as non-smoking.
  • Lease-to-Own Program: MPHA’s Lease-to-Own Program permits qualifying families (1 to 4 person households) to rent a 2-bedroom new construction townhome with the commitment to purchase within five years. Click here for more information on this program.
MPHA has worked with other partners and entities to develop Public Housing units in suburban communities for both Minneapolis and metro area families.  These homes were developed as part of 1995 Hollman law suit settlement mandating the de-concentration of public housing in Minneapolis.

The Public Housing units developed by MPHA and its partners consist of very attractive and comfortable  suburban homes with a range from two to five bedrooms in communities such as Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Watertown, Woodbury, Chaska, Columbia Heights, Golden Valley, Moundsview and Plymouth and elsewhere in the metropolitan area. You must be on MPHA’s family public housing waiting list to be considered for housing in these units.