RAD at Elliot Twins

HUD has approved MPHA’s application to use RAD at one property, the Elliot Twins. The Elliot Twins are some of MPHA’s oldest highrises, built in 1961. They face a substantial need for updates and repairs. The Elliot Twins also offer outstanding potential to make major upgrades for residents and new community amenities. MPHA values the deeply affordable housing at the Elliot Twins! We are excited about the chance to use RAD to preserve and improve these essential homes for the same people who live there today.


MPHA Planning and Development staff attend monthly resident council meetings to share general project updates. Resident sub-committee meetings on design and resident relocation rights have begun. 

  • DESIGN SUB-COMMITTEE: Over the next several months, MPHA will work with residents, the architect, and a contractor to discuss and determine what the general improvements will be at the buildings. From approximately June to December 2019, residents will provide more specific feedback on design details like paint color and finishes. 
  • RELOCATION RIGHTS SUB-COMMITTEE: Over the next several months, MPHA will review the rights contract line by line to make sure residents understand the terms and that all resident concerns are addressed. MHRC has contacted Legal Aid to include them in the committee to ensure residents have legal representation throughout this process.  
  • From June to October 2019, MPHA will determine the phasing schedule for construction and that will inform what relocation will look like. Regardless of the relocation requirementsMPHA will have a relocation manager to work with each resident individually to help them through the process. Each resident is guaranteed housing throughout the process. Residents will receive at least a 90-day notice for relocation. 
  • Resident relocation planning is estimated to start in the late fall of 2019 and actual moves would not begin until April 2020—a little over one year from now—followed by construction starting in June 2020. Each resident will have the right to return to the Elliot Twins when construction is complete. 

Please view a draft timeline below that shows the schedule for engagement and actions before construction starts on the modernization project. 

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