Public Housing Online Income Change Reporting

Participants of MPHA’s Public Housing programs can now submit changes of income and family composition online. Changes submitted online will be reviewed by your Eligibility Technician and processed when all the required information has been submitted. Your Eligibility Technician will contact you if they need more information to complete your request.

  • All mandatory fields must be completed, and required documentation attached, for the change you are requesting.
  • The change will not be submitted or processed if you fail to complete the mandatory steps while creating your online submission.
  • Please select your ET from the drop down list or select “unknown” and enter your AMP number, if you do not know your AMP number select the link below and match the AMP number for your address

Note: When you click the links to fill out these forms, you will be leaving MPHA’s website for a secure, third-party site where the forms are hosted.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Click this link to confirm which AMP you live in! 

Required documentation for income changes:

  • At least 2 pay stubs from new employer
  • Employment offer letter stating salary or wages/hours
  • Benefit award letter
  • Benefit termination letter
  • Termination of employment letter

Click the button below to enter your information and upload your documents.

Report Income Change

Requesting Help From Property Management Staff

If you do not feel comfortable completing the online submission on your own, a limited number of property management staff will be on site to assist you with your income change submission. If you choose to ask for help from property management staff, please contact them by phone or email to schedule a time, and also please try to have the required documentation you will need to verify your income change on hand for your scheduled time. Eligibility Technicians will not be on site at your property, but will be able to assist you remotely if you contact them by phone or email. Staff may not be able to assist you immediately to submit a change, it will be quicker for you to attempt reporting the income change on your own first.