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Section 8 HCV Participants

Current Participants of HCV Programs

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Beginning 2019 MPHA will send appointment and inspection date reminders to current participants via email, text messaging, and automated phone calls.


These pages are intended to assist current participants of MPHA’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program on their housing journey.  Please find below the program you are a participant of. If you need help find your Eligibility Technician here or call our office at 612-342-1480.

Which Program Are You In?

Voucher participants can now submit income and family changes using our website.

Submit your income and family changes ONLINE.

Your eligibility technician will review all changes submitted online. We will process the changes when we have all of the required information.

Your eligibility technician will contact you if we need more information or an in-person appointment.

This form may be used by all participants in MPHA’s Housing Choice Voucher, VASH, FUP, Project Based Voucher, and other voucher programs.

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