Mobility Voucher Program

MPHA’s Mobility Voucher Program requires participant families to move to communities of greater opportunity within Minneapolis and the 7 County Metro Area.  The program is structured to increase housing choices for families who are on MPHA’s Section 8 HCV waiting list or are current Housing Choice Voucher participants who currently live in areas concentrated by poverty and who are willing and able to move to communities of greater opportunity.

The HCV Program continues to encourage all families to locate and obtain housing in communities of greater opportunity.  Eligibility criteria for the Mobility Voucher Program is as follows:  applicants must be currently living in a Minneapolis area impacted by race and poverty, have minor children, be employed, in job training or in school, and be willing to enter into a contract and relocate to an area not impacted by poverty, for a minimum of three years.

The Mobility Community Services Coordinator will provide the Mobility families with case management services, referrals to community resources and employment / educational opportunities, as well as act as the liaison between the tenant family and the property owner.

Working closely with the Community Services Coordinator-Mobility, families set goals, attend regular meetings, participate in workshops, and receive on-going case management throughout the entire time they are on program in order to achieve a greater level of self-sufficiency for their entire family.

Want to learn more? Email Community Services Coordinator Jinaa Lane ( to talk more about mobility.