How Much Is My Rent Portion?

With the implementation of rent reform in 2014 the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority developed an alternative way of calculating a participant’s rent portion.  Three factors determine a participant’s rent portion: annual adjusted income, the bedroom size of the unit appropriate for the family, and whether the owner or the tenant pays for the heat.  Rent reform uses two easy to use payment standard tables (located below) to calculate how much MPHA will provide in Housing Assistance Payments.

To calculate the rent portion, first choose either the “Owner Pays Heat” or “Tenant Pays Heat” table. Next, find the annual adjusted income within the $3,000 income bands on the right.  Then find which bedroom size that applies to the family, across the top of the table.  The cell where they intersect is the “Housing Assistance Payment” (HAP). After finding the HAP, simply subtract that amount from the full contract rent–this is the voucher-participant’s portion of the rent.  (If this amount is less than $75, the family will pay MPHA’s minimum rent of $75.)

Your Eligibility Technician will complete this calculation for you by providing you with a rent burden worksheet after you submit a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA). You will receive the rent burden worksheet, estimating your rent portion based upon your income and family size. Until you receive written notice of your calculated rent portion, you need to pay this estimated rent portion to the property owner.

Rent Reform Payment Standards