Near Elderly (1 & 2 Person Households)

“Near Elderly” means you are between the ages of 50 and 61 years of age. Please follow the instructions below.

Complete the Pre-Application Form below. The application should take no more than 30 minutes if you gather all of the required information ahead of time.  Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • A current mailing address and telephone number where you can be reached
  • Names of the Head of Household/Co-Head of Household
  • Social Security numbers for each applicant household member
  • Dates of birth for each applicant household member (birth certificate)
  • The sex (male/female) of each applicant household member
  • The race and ethnicity of each applicant household member
  • Whether anyone in household is handicapped or disabled
  • The primary language of the head of household
  • The current living situation (ie: “homeless” or “not homeless”) of the head of household
  • Value of all household assets (ie: bank accounts, investments, real estate, etc.)
  • Total monthly income of the household (includes all household members)
  • Source of all income (wages, pensions, TANF, and other sources)

Next Steps

  • Once you have completed the pre-application, print it off and bring the pre-application, along with your Social Security card and picture ID, to:

    Minneapolis Public Housing Authority
    1001 Washington Avenue North
    Minneapolis, MN 55401

    on Monday, Wednesday or Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

  • Upon receipt of the pre-application an Intake worker will review the pre-application and make a determination whether it is complete.
  • Once you submit your pre-application, you will be placed on the wait list for Low Income Public Housing. When you reach the top of the list, you will be called in to complete a full application at MPHA. 

  • Your placement into a unit will be conditional on the approval of your full application; criminal background screening, preference points, rental housing references, and availability of units. 

  • If your application is not deemed eligible, your application will be denied and you may contest the denial by requesting an appeal.