Contact HCV (Section 8) Form and Staff Directory

Before contacting us, please note the following:

  • MPHA’s Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is currently closed. If you recently applied during the June 2019 opening, find more information about checking your status at For a list of waiting lists that are currently open in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, visit
  • To confirm your status on the Section 8 waiting list, call our automated system at 612-335-4404.
  • You will find answers to many other common questions on our FAQ page.

For other matters, please contact Section 8/HCV using the form below, or use the Staff Directory if you need to reach a specific staff member.


: Please make sure your email is correct so that a reply can be sent to you.

: If you are writing in regard to a specific address, please include the full address here.



MPHA HCV will no longer assign cases to eligibility workers based on the alphabet of a participant’s last name. Follow the steps listed below to reach your current eligibility worker if you do not know your eligibility worker’s name. Please also review the mail you receive from MPHA, the name and contact information of your current worker will be stated in the bottom left section of the letter.

To contact your eligibility worker:

  1. Dial 612-342-1480, then press 1, then press 8
  2. When prompted, be prepared to enter the social security number and date of birth of the head of household
  3. If you are a current participant, you will be transferred directly to your eligibility technician.

If you are a property owner or manager please visit the owner portal site to view the eligibility worker information for your tenant(s). The list will be updated quarterly and located in the document attachment section of the portal page titled “Tenant List.” If you do not see a list or a tenant is not listed please contact the Community Outreach Coordinator Kayona Adams for eligibility worker information.

Housing Choice Voucher Program
LaShaun Hilliard, HCV Program Specialist612-342-1461612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Ryan Nelson, HCV Program Specialist612-342-1460612-638-4026JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Sara Spears, E.T.612-342-1230612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Latisha Hogan, E.T.612-342-1493612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Sarah King, E.T.612-342-1429612-638-4020JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Aleksandra Veriga, E.T.612-342-1206612-638-4130JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Joal Reeves, E.T.612-342-1422612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Nathalie Thao, E.T.612-342-1432612-638-4010JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Ian Irungu, E.T.612-342-1487612-342-4427JoEtta Michels - Gordon
Faisa Abdinoor, E.T.612-342-1447612-342-4427JoEtta Michels - Gordon
Abdirashid Ahmed, E.T.612-342-1454612-342-4427JoEtta Michels - Gordon
Project Based & Moderate Rehabilitation Programs
Caitlin Hunstock-Jansson, Special Program and PBV Specialist612-342-1944612-335-4427Brandon Crow
PBV: Terri Phillips, E.T.612-342-1479612-638-4179Brandon Crow
PBV: Razia Edwards, E.T.612-342-1483612-638-4060Brandon Crow
Other Programs
Mobility Community Service Coordinator: Jinna Lane612-344-2201612-335-4427Brandon Crow
FUP: Razia Edwards, E.T.612-342-1483612-335-4427Brandon Crow
VASH: Kristine Amend, E.T. 612-342-1231612-638-4031Brandon Crow
Lakresha Williams, Community Service Coordinator 612-342-1375612-342-4427Brandon Crow
Tamiko Mitchell, Community Service Coordinator 612-342-1376612-335-4427Brandon Crow
Community Engagement Specialist: Kayona Adams612-342-1222612-335-4427Brandon Crow
Waiting List Hotline612-335-4404612-335-4427Brandon Crow
Port-Ins: Katie Lukas, E.T.612-342-1457612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Port-Ins: Ikran Mohamed, E.T.612-342-1405 612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Port-Ins: Kristi Clayson, E.T.612-342-1409612-638-4103JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Port-Outs: Ryan Nelson, HCV Program Specialist 612-342-1460612-638-4026JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Inspection Center
Terry Faue, Senior Inspector612-342-1238612-638-4014Brandon Crow
Terrill Clark, Inspector612-342-1239612-638-4191Brandon Crow
Dwight Athias, Inspector612-342-1431612-638-4028Brandon Crow
Joe Hoban, Inspector612-342-1237612-638-4018Brandon Crow
Kayse Kruschke, HQS Specialist612-342-1211612-335-4490Brandon Crow
Other Staff
Jamie Fritts, Quality & Technical Specialist612-342-1456612-335-4427Brandon Crow
Terry Kieffer, Quality & Technical Specialist612-342-1426612-335-4427Brandon Crow
Carrie Patock, A.A. - Front Desk612-342-1480612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Sgt. David Stichter, Program Integrity Coordinator612-335-4427Brandon Crow
Management Team
Kyle Hanson, Managing Director612-342-1420612-638-4120Greg Russ
Brandon Crow, Assistant Director of HCV612-342-1421612-638-4030Kyle Hanson
Kelly Zelenka,
Assistant Director of Human Services
612-342-1492Kyle Hanson
JoEtta Michels-Gordon, HCV Supervisor612-342-1436612-335-4427Brandon Crow
HCV Supervisor - Special Programs612-342-1220612-638-4010Brandon Crow