These pages are intended to assist those who would like to begin a housing journey with MPHA’s Section 8 HCV Program, including those who are currently on our waiting list and those who would like to apply. Please find below information on our program history and specialties, waiting list information and forms you can use to update your application.

How can I apply to the MPHA Section 8 HCV Waiting List?

If you are interested in receiving Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher assistance in the City of Minneapolis, you must wait until MPHA opens its Section 8 HCV Program Waiting List. 

At this time we are not accepting applications for the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List. The last opening of the waiting list took place in June 2019. To check your status on that waiting list, you must visit

Openings of the waiting list are announced through public notification. The public notice will state where, when, and how to apply. The notice will be published in local newspapers of general circulation and in available minority media. 

As funding becomes available, the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority will notify applicants on the waiting list by mail. Applicants will be scheduled for an appointment to determine eligibility for admission. 

If you are looking for information about other Seven-County Metro Area housing authorities with open waiting lists, visit 

2020 Income Limits (Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN)

Income/Category1 Person2 Person 3 Person4 Person5 Person6 Person7 Person8 Person
Extremely Low Income$21,700$24,800$27,900$31,000$33,500$36,000$39,640$44,120
Very Low Income$36,200$41,400$46,550$51,700$55,850$60,000$64,150$68,250
Low Income $54,950$62,800$70,650$78,500$84,800$91,100$97,350$103,650
Effective FY 2020 - Area Median Income (AMI) = $103,400

Extremely Low Income = Below 30% of AMI
Very Low Income = 50% to 30% of AMI
Low Income = 80% to 50% of AMI
Source: US Department of Housing and Urban Development Income Limits Summary (
Policies for the HCV waiting list can be found in Chapter 4 of the HCV Administrative Plan. View the plan here, under Policies and Procedures.
See a list of other housing providers with contact information. These providers may or may not have housing available currently. Download the list here.