Public Housing Statement of Policies and Lease

Available for Review: Draft 2020 Public Housing Statement of Policies (ACOP)

Until November 27, 2019 public housing residents and members of the public may view and provide public comment on the draft of MPHA’s 2020 Statement of Policies (Admission and Continued Occupancy Policy, or ACOP).

Summary of Changes for 2020 – (PDF)

Af Somali: Soo Koobid isbadallada Qoraal Qabyeedka Nidaamka Siyaasadaha MPHA 2020

Red-lined version of 2020 Public Housing Statement of Policies – (PDF)

MPHA will hold a public hearing on the draft at 1:30 PM on November 20, 2019 at 1001 Washington Avenue N. in Minneapolis. If you need accommodation, including assistance in another language, contact by November 1.

Those wishing to submit written comments should do so by end-of-day on November 27, 2019 by emailing or by mail or personal delivery to MPHA Public Comment, Room 204, 1001 Washington Avenue N., Minneapolis MN 55401.

Use the following links to download MPHA’s approved and operative policies and leases.

Public Housing Statement of Policies (ACOP) – (PDF)

Highrise Resident Lease – (PDF)

Family Housing Resident Lease – (PDF)

Additional MPHA documents, including previous years’ policies, annual plans, and annual reports, are available on our Policies and Publications page.