Renewing the Elliot Twins

The Elliot Twin Towers are some of MPHA’s oldest highrises, built in 1961. They face a substantial need for updates and repairs, while offering outstanding potential to make major upgrades for residents and new community amenities.

We are excited to use new sources of funding and HUD programs to preserve and improve these essential homes for the people who live there. Construction is on-track to begin in the summer of 2020, with target completion in mid-2021. All residents can remain on-site throughout the project if they wish, and continue to live there when complete.

All units will be subsidized with project-based vouchers (PBVs). PBVs follow HUD voucher rules that include rent set at 30% of adjusted income (the same as public housing) and deep affordability (PBVs must serve only those below 50% of Area Median Income, with 75% of units for those below 30% of AMI).

Read on or download the project cut-sheet for more on this unprecedented modernization of public housing in Minneapolis.


Project Cut-Sheet (Download PDF)

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Project Timeline

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